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FilingMan provides direct consultation with qualified Company Secretaries for expert guidance on corporate compliance and legal matters.

    About Our Service

    "Talk to CS" by FilingMan is your gateway to invaluable insights and guidance from qualified Company Secretaries, ensuring that your business navigates the intricate realm of corporate compliance and legal intricacies with confidence. We recognize that staying compliant with regulatory requirements and maintaining sound corporate governance are vital for business success, which is why we offer this exclusive service. Whether you're a start-up, an established company, or an entrepreneur seeking to ensure legal adherence, "Talk to CS" connects you directly with experts who can provide tailored solutions.

    Our "Talk to CS" service goes beyond general consultations, offering personalized sessions to address your specific needs. FilingMan's team of experienced Company Secretaries possess a deep understanding of corporate laws, regulations, and best practices. 

    Whether you require guidance on company formation, annual filings, board meetings, or other corporate matters, our experts are equipped to provide clear, actionable advice that aligns with your business objectives. By choosing "Talk to CS" by FilingMan, you gain direct access to professionals who can help your business operate smoothly within legal frameworks, mitigating risks and fostering sustainable growth.

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    Areas of Expertise

    Legal Compliance:

    Our team of knowledgeable company secretaries at FILINGMAN is dedicated to assisting you and abiding by all significant legal requirements. Our extensive secretarial services make sure that your company always complies with the law and runs legally. We provide comprehensive support to keep your firm on the right side of legislation with a wide range of legal and company secretarial services. All of your records will be accurate and current, thanks to our attentive secretaries.

    Choose the corporate secretarial package from FILINGMAN to ensure your firm strictly complies with all applicable regulations by having all required forms and reports filed with regulatory agencies. With our devoted support, you may securely adhere to all legal requirements while concentrating on the growth of your company.

    Annual Compliance:

    Annual compliances can take a lot of time and effort, but failing to comply with them could result in fines and penalties. Our team of experts at FILINGMAN offers first-rate business secretarial services, assuring the timely and accurate completion of all your annual compliances. This involves holding annual general and board meetings, submitting annual reports and financial statements on time, keeping statutory registers updated, and submitting annual tax returns. You may worry-free concentrate on managing your business while we handle these chores.

    Comprehensive Business Compliance Solutions:

    Any business operation must prioritise compliance, and we are here to help you every step of the way. From developing compliance policies and procedures to carrying out exhaustive compliance audits, our corporate secretarial services cover it all. We make sure your company regularly complies with the law, reducing compliance risks. Our online CS specialists make sure your business abides by all pertinent laws, rules, and sector-specific standards while maintaining proper paperwork. Count on us to take care of your compliance requirements and keep your company on the right track for compliance and success.

    Expert Advisory for Board Members:

    For every organisation to be successful, effective governance is essential. Your board's operations, board makeup, and board structure can all be improved with the help of our team of corporate secretarial (CS) specialists. To assist you fulfil the finest governance practises while adhering to all pertinent legislation, we offer helpful guidance and support. We keep accurate records of board decisions through our online CS services and help the board create and implement governance policies to fully comply with legal and regulatory standards. Utilise our knowledge to raise the governance standards in your company and set the way for long-term success and growth.

    Promoting Sound Corporate Governance:

    A successful company's corporate governance structure serves as its foundation. In order to ensure compliance with pertinent laws, policies, and procedures, our corporate secretarial (CS) professionals assist you in creating and maintaining strong corporate governance practises. We offer you helpful guidance and assistance as you navigate the complexity of corporate governance to make sure your company runs with the utmost honesty and responsibility. We match your company's governance practises with industry best practises by creating and implementing governance policies. With the help of our experience, your company can confidently encourage openness, moral behaviour, and ethical decision-making, supporting long-term growth and stakeholder trust.

    Services Provided By CS

    • Business Registrations / Company Formation for NBFC, Nidhi, Producer, NGO Registration, Public Company
    • Raising Capital through Issue of Equity, Preference Shares, Debentures, and Equity Shares with Differential Voting Rights
    • Conversions / Corporate Restructuring such as Private Limited to LLP, OPC into Private Limited, Private Limited into OPC, LLP to Private Limited, Private Limited to Public Company
    • Investment from Abroad / Overseas Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Overseas Direct Investment (ODI), External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)
    • Closure / Strike-off of Company / Liquidation and Winding up of a Company

    By verifying compliance with legal and regulatory standards and providing administrative support, the online company secretary (CS) plays a crucial role in managing and regulating a firm. Maintaining company records, arranging meetings, giving legal and corporate governance advice, processing government filings, assisting with corporate reorganisations, and annual reporting are just a few of the activities that fall under this category.

    • Ensuring compliance with the Companies Act of 2013 and other legal regulations.
    • Maintaining statutory registers, such as registers of members, directors, and charges.
    • Filing statutory returns and other paperwork with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).
    • Organizing and attending board meetings, preparing meeting minutes.
    • Providing administrative support, managing correspondence, and maintaining records.
    • Advising the board on legal and financial matters, including corporate law, taxation, and financial reporting.
    • Ensuring adherence to rules and legislation to prevent penalties or legal action.
    • Setting up effective corporate governance procedures and fostering stakeholder trust.
    • Giving the board of directors unbiased counsel while taking the interests of all stakeholders into account.
    • Providing knowledgeable opinions on legal and financial issues to help in decision-making.

    The advantages of having a company secretary (CS) include: Having an online CS can benefit a business or organisation in a number of ways, including:

    • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, avoiding fines or legal actions
    • Establishing good corporate governance practices and building stakeholder confidence
    • Providing objective advice to the board of directors, considering various stakeholders' interests
    • Offering expert insights on legal and financial matters, aiding informed decision-making

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      Which Services Are Offered by the Indian Company Secretary?
      In India, the company secretary's services encompass compliance with laws and regulations, corporate governance, and providing advice to the board of directors on legal and financial matters.
      What is the Importance of Secretarial?
      The importance of secretarial practice lies in ensuring legal compliance, promoting good corporate governance, and safeguarding the interests of the company and its stakeholders.
      What is the Duty of an Online CS?

      The duty of an online company secretary includes maintaining statutory registers, ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, and offering guidance to the board of directors on legal and financial matters.

      What Are the Four Functions of a Secretary?
      The four functions of a secretary comprise providing administrative support, maintaining company records, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and advising the board of directors.
      Why Consult a Company Secretary?
      Success in company requires not just concentrating on core activities but also sifting through a complicated web of legal and regulatory requirements. This is an area where our company secretaries can really help. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of corporate rules and regulations and are up to date on the most recent developments, so your company will always be in compliance. Our services are designed to satisfy the demands of a wide spectrum of organisations, from startups to well-established corporations, and we offer a variety of solutions.