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A Producer Company is a legally recognized organization formed by farmers and rural producers to improve their agricultural and economic activities through collective efforts.

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    A producer company may be founded by 10 or more people, 2 or more institutions, or a combination of both, in accordance with the Companies Act of 1956. There is no maximum number of members. For the advantage of all of its members, a producer company's main goal is to engage in operations like purchasing, production, harvesting, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, selling, or exporting of products or importing of commodities and services.

    The producer company is essential in enabling cooperatives to be established as businesses and helps cooperatives become businesses. a notion of a farmer Producer Company encourages collaboration and teamwork in order to improve the lot of India's financially underprivileged farmers. Through collaborative efforts and cooperative activities, it aims to improve farmers' well-being.

    These organisations are intent on carrying out their fundamental goals, which mostly centre on the shared financial success of their members. Therefore, Farmer Companies do not plan to provide any kind of service to the public or to the general populace. Their main objective is to advance and benefit their members' financial well-being.

    FilingMan empowers farmers and rural producers by facilitating the establishment of Producer Companies, guiding them through the entire process with expertise. From drafting essential documentation to navigating regulatory procedures, FilingMan ensures that these entities are legally structured to optimize collective efforts, enhance agricultural activities, and elevate the socio-economic well-being of producers, fostering sustainable growth and prosperity within rural communities.

    Required Documents

    For Directors & Shareholders:

    Self-attested copy of PAN Card

    Self-attested copy of any one Identity Proof (Voter's ID, Passport, Driver's License).

    Self-attested copy of Address Proof in the name of the director (Utility bill such as mobile bill, water bill, electricity bill, or bank statement dated within the last two months).

    Passport-sized photograph.

    For Registered Office

    Rent Agreement with Notary Seal (for rental property).

    English property deeds or sale deeds for privately owned property.

    Property owner's Certificate of No Objection.

    Current gas or electric bills, phone or mobile bill, most recent bank statement, or evidence of address for the registered office.

    Registration Process

    Step 1:

    Acquiring DSC and DIN The intended Directors of the Private Limited Company must get a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) in order to submit the company registration forms. A few scanned papers must be submitted together with pertinent information so that our professionals can fill out the form and submit it online. The proposed Directors' DSC and DIN can normally be acquired in 1–2 days.

    Step 2:

    The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) must receive a minimum of one and a maximum of six proposed names as part of the second step, name approval. Name approval normally takes 2 to 3 working days, assuming that all conditions are completed, depending on the names' availability, compliance with naming conventions, and MCA processing time.

    Step 3:

    MOA and AOA electronic drafting Using the Spice MOA (INC-33) and Spice AOA (INC-34) forms, the drafting of the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) is done electronically. Normally, it takes 2 to 3 days to finish this operation.

    Step 4:

    Company Registration: After the e-MOA and e-AOA have been created, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) must receive the Spice Form INC-32 for incorporation along with the links to the e-MOA and e-AOA (INC-33) and INC-34, respectively. The MCA will examine the incorporation application, and depending on how quickly they process applications, the approval procedure typically takes 5 to 7 days. It is crucial to remember that forms 49A and 49B must be provided within two days following the submission of SPICe (INC-32); otherwise, the application for incorporation would be deemed "Invalid."

    Goals of Producer Company

    The production company has the power to carry out a variety of duties on behalf of its members, either directly or indirectly through other organisations. These duties involve buying, producing, harvesting, sorting, pooling, handling, promoting, and selling agricultural products or other products. The business serves as a facilitator, working for the welfare and benefit of all of its members.

    1. The producer company is empowered to engage in various activities for the benefit of its members, which encompass procurement, production, harvesting, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, selling, export of products, the import of goods and services, too. These endeavours are undertaken to serve the collective interests and welfare of the members involved.
    2. The producer business has the legal right to process the produce of its members, including canning, canning, distilling, brewing, and packing. These processing operations increase the agricultural products' worth and guarantee its quality and preservation, which eventually benefits the participants.
    3. The producer business can create, sell, or deliver consumables, equipment, or machinery to its members, providing them with vital resources for their agricultural endeavours and increasing production.
    4. The production firm provides its members and others with education based on the concepts of mutual help.
    5. In order to further the interests of its members, the producing firm offers technical services, consulting services, research and development, training, and other relevant assistance.
    6. The producer company works to restore water and land resources as well as generate, transmit, and distribute electricity. Additionally, it makes it easier to communicate about and save primary produce.
    7. By encouraging cooperative methods and practises among its members, the producer firm actively promotes the values of reciprocity and mutual help.
    8. The producer firm prioritises its members' progress and well-being by putting in place a variety of welfare measures for their benefit.
    9. The production company is able to finance all activities, grant credit facilities, and offer its members advantageous financial terms, so ensuring their stability and support.

    Producer Company Registration Costs

    Producer Company

    ₹ 4,999 / Only

    Plus Government Fees, Stamp Duty Extra.

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      Why Choose FilingMan

      For Producer Companyy Registration?

      FilingMan serves as a catalyst for the formation of Producer Companies, recognizing the pivotal role of farmers and rural producers in the agricultural landscape. With an in-depth understanding of their unique needs, FilingMan guides and supports these communities in establishing legally recognized Producer Companies. This comprehensive assistance includes formulating essential documentation, coordinating regulatory compliance, and strategizing for effective collective operations.

      By choosing FilingMan, farmers and producers gain a trusted partner that not only streamlines the complex formation process but also empowers them to leverage their combined strengths, pool resources, and access markets efficiently, ultimately leading to improved agricultural practices, increased financial stability, and enhanced socio-economic progress within their communities.

      Benefits of Producer Company Registration

      Acceptance of Deposits

      According to the current bylaws, the Producer Company is permitted to receive fixed deposits or recurring deposits as deposits.

      Financing with Security

      Farmer Producer Corporations are legally permitted to function as lending institutions. They can extend credit by taking fixed deposits, gold, and government securities as security.

      Giving Members a Share of Profits

      The farmer producer business keeps its earnings and distributes them to its paying customers.

      Agricultural income is not taxed

      The advantage of not paying taxes on earnings generated is available to producer companies. At the moment, the Income Tax department has not imposed any tax requirements onto these organisations.

      Membership Loan Facility

      The ability to lend money to its original members is legally permitted for Farmer Producer firms. The members may borrow money from them and receive financial aid from them.

      Producer Company Registration FAQ'S

      What is a Producer Company, and how does FilingMan assist in its formation?
      A Producer Company is an entity formed by agricultural producers to collectively engage in various activities. FilingMan guides producers through the process, assisting in drafting essential documentation, coordinating regulatory requirements, and ensuring the formation adheres to legal norms.
      What benefits does forming a Producer Company offer to farmers and rural producers, and how does FilingMan advise on this decision?
      A Producer Company enables farmers to pool resources, enhance agricultural practices, and access markets more effectively. FilingMan assesses the specific needs of the producers, provides insights into the advantages of forming a Producer Company, and assists in making an informed decision aligned with their goals.
      What role does FilingMan play in drafting the necessary documentation for forming a Producer Company?
      FilingMan's experts assist in preparing essential documents like the memorandum and articles of association, ensuring that they reflect the collective objectives and operational framework of the Producer Company.
      How does FilingMan ensure compliance with regulatory requirements during the formation of a Producer Company?
      FilingMan navigates complex regulatory processes, liaising with authorities, and handling compliance matters to ensure that the Producer Company's formation adheres to legal norms and regulations.
      How does FilingMan support farmers and producers beyond the formation of the Producer Company?
      FilingMan's support extends beyond the formation process. They provide guidance on effective operations, market access, and resource utilization, empowering producers to derive sustained benefits from their collective efforts, leading to improved agricultural practices and socio-economic progress within their communities.