Shops and Establishments License

A Shops and Establishments License is a legal document required for businesses to operate within a specific jurisdiction, ensuring adherence to labor and operational regulations.

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    Businesses operating in India are required to comply with employment laws by obtaining a Shops and Establishments Licence. All stores, commercial enterprises, and other businesses operating within a state must comply with it, which is governed by state-specific rules and regulations.

    Businesses must register with their state's labour department or the local municipal government in order to get the Shops and Establishments Licence. The licence ensures that the business complies with a number of labour rules, such as those governing working hours, vacations, pay, and other employee welfare measures.

    Additionally, the licence mandates that companies keep specified registers, including those for employee attendance, salaries, and leave records, and that they report to the authorities on a regular basis. There may be fines and other repercussions if the licence is not obtained or if its rules are not followed.

    In conclusion, it is essential for businesses to get and abide by the Shops and Establishments Licence in order to conduct themselves legally, ensure adherence to labour rules, and provide an equitable and favourable working environment for their employees.

    Shops and commercial establishments are required by the Shop and Establishment Act to apply for registration under the relevant state Act. All forms of enterprises, including those run from homes, e-commerce endeavours, and internet shops, must register. Even business owners who don't have physical stores need to get this registration certificate.

    The Shop and Establishment Registration Certificate acts as the company's primary licence and is necessary in order to apply for further licences and registrations. It can be used to establish a current bank account or as evidence of the formation of the business when seeking for loans. Many banks want this certificate before opening a business current account. All stores and other commercial enterprises must finish the registration process within 30 days of starting their activities.

    Documents Required

    Certainly, here are the required documents for obtaining a Shops and Establishments License presented in bullet points:

    • Identity proof of the owner or proprietor (e.g., Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport).
    • Address proof of the business premises (e.g., rental agreement, property tax receipt, utility bill).
    • Proof of ownership or occupancy of the establishment (e.g., property deed, lease agreement).
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the property owner if the premises are rented.
    • Passport-sized photographs of the owner or proprietor.
    • Details of all employees, including their names, addresses, and other relevant information.
    • Employee records, such as attendance registers and salary registers.
    • Information about working hours, weekly offs, and holidays.
    • Relevant government forms duly filled and signed.
    • Any other documents as required by the specific state or local authorities.

    Shops and Establishments License Costs

    Shops and Establishments License

    ₹ 1,499 / Only

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      Benefits of Shops and Establishments License

      Legal Compliance

      The license ensures that your business operates in accordance with the regulations and guidelines set by the local or state authorities, reducing the risk of legal penalties or closures.


      Holding a valid license enhances your business's credibility and reputation, instilling trust among customers, partners, and stakeholders.

      Employee Protection

      The license mandates adherence to labor laws, ensuring fair treatment, proper working conditions, and timely payment of wages for your employees.

      Business Expansion

      Having a Shops and Establishments License may be a prerequisite for obtaining loans, permits, or approvals needed for business expansion or diversification.

      Access to Welfare Schemes

      The license can enable your employees to access various social and welfare schemes provided by the government.

      Statutory Rights

      Holding a license grants you statutory rights, such as pursuing legal actions in case of disputes or non-compliance by customers, suppliers, or employees.

      Why Choose FilingMan

      For Shops and Establishments License?

      Choosing FilingMan for your Shops and Establishments License needs offers a host of advantages that streamline the entire licensing process and ensure your compliance with local regulations. Firstly, FilingMan boasts a team of experts well-versed in the intricacies of license applications, saving you time and effort by handling the complex paperwork, documentation, and communication with local authorities. This allows you to focus on core business operations while entrusting the license acquisition process to seasoned professionals who understand the nuances of regulatory requirements.

      Secondly, FilingMan's experience extends beyond mere paperwork; their comprehensive understanding of labor laws and local regulations ensures that your business is not only licensed but also operates within legal frameworks, safeguarding the rights and interests of your employees. Their attention to detail ensures that you meet all stipulations related to working hours, employee rights, and other statutory obligations, reducing the risk of legal issues or disruptions to your operations.

      Shops and Establishments License FAQ'S

      What is a Shops and Establishments License, and why is it necessary for businesses?
      A Shops and Establishments License is a legal authorization required for businesses to operate within a designated area. It ensures compliance with labor laws, regulates working hours, and promotes a safe and fair work environment for employees. FilingMan assists in acquiring this essential license, simplifying the application process and ensuring adherence to local regulations.
      How does FilingMan support businesses in obtaining a Shops and Establishments License?
      FilingMan's experts guide businesses through the entire licensing process, from document preparation and submission to communication with local authorities. They streamline the procedure, ensuring accurate documentation and timely submissions to facilitate the acquisition of the license.
      What benefits does FilingMan offer over attempting to secure a Shops and Establishments License independently?
      FilingMan's experience and expertise expedite the process while minimizing the risk of errors or delays that could result from a DIY approach. Their in-depth understanding of regulatory requirements ensures that businesses not only secure the license but also adhere to labor laws and operational guidelines, fostering a compliant and legally sound work environment.
      Is the Shops and Establishments License applicable to specific types of businesses or industries?
      The license typically applies to a wide range of businesses, including shops, commercial establishments, and service providers. However, specific applicability may vary based on the jurisdiction and local regulations. FilingMan assists in determining whether your business requires this license and guides you accordingly.
      What ongoing support does FilingMan provide after obtaining the Shops and Establishments License?
      FilingMan's commitment extends beyond obtaining the initial license. They offer guidance on compliance, renewal procedures, and updates to local regulations, ensuring that your business remains in good standing and continues to operate smoothly within legal parameters.