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    A firm is viewed as an artificial entity in the business sector since it lacks the capacity to decide or the knowledge and intentions of a live being. A corporate entity needs human input to operate efficiently. Directors can play a role in this. In line with the Companies Act of 2013, directors are people chosen by the firm to oversee its activities and guarantee its success.

    In order to lead an organisation towards success, a director is essential. They are accountable to the business and its shareholders and are in charge of running the day-to-day operations of the organisation. The relevant Registrar of Companies (ROC) must be informed of any changes to the board of directors. This can be accomplished by submitting the e-Form DIR-12 within 30 days of the day the company meeting's resolution to change the directors was approved. This guarantees openness and adherence to the applicable laws.

    Procedure of Changes in Director

    Section 160 of the Companies Act of 2013 deals with the procedure for appointing a member in the company as a director, excluding a retiring director. The detailed guidelines for this appointment process are specified in Rule 13 of the Companies (Appointment & Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014.

    The procedure for appointing a new director in a company involves the following steps:

    Director Identification Number (DIN) Request Form: To get a DIN, a special identification number for directors, submit Form DIR-3. Sections 66A and 266B of the Companies Act of 2013 regulate this.

    Hold Board Meetings and Adopt Resolution: Hold board meetings to debate and adopt the resolution naming the new director.

    Organise the general meeting by sending at least 21 days' notice of the gathering to each stakeholder. By passing the required resolution, the nomination of the new director is approved during this meeting.

    Release the Letter of Appointment: Send a formal letter of appointment to the newly selected director.

    File E-form DIR-12: Submit E-form DIR-12 to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) within 30 days of the appointment. A copy of the director's appointment letter and the consent to serve as a director must be included with this form.

    Fill out E-form MGT-14 if the director has disclosed any financial or other interests in MBP-1 (Register of Significant Beneficial Owners).

    Requirements for Appointment as a Director

    Sound Mind: The director must be in good mental health in order to understand and perform the duties of the role.

    According to Section 149 of the Companies Act, only an individual may be appointed as a director.

    Director must be solvent, which denotes a stable financial situation.

    No Conviction: The director must have a spotless legal history, having never been found guilty of a crime by any court.

    Director Resignation: (Section 168 of the 2013 Companies Act)

    Written Notice: The director intending to resign must provide a written notice to the company, explaining the reasons for their resignation.

    Board Presentation: Upon receipt of the resignation notice, the Board of Directors must present it in the General Meeting to inform the shareholders.

    Inclusion in Report: The resignation of the director must also be included in the directors' report presented to the shareholders during the General Meeting.

    Form DIR-12 filing: Within 30 days after the resignation date, the firm must file Form DIR-12 with the Registrar of Companies (RoC).

    Effective Date: The effective date of resignation will be the latest of:

    The date on which the notice is received by the company.

    The date specified in the notice.

    Submission of Form DIR-11: Thirty days following the resignation date, the director must submit Form DIR-11 to the RoC with the required fees, a copy of the resignation letter, and a full statement of the reasons for the resignation.

    Changes in Director Costs

    Changes in Director

    ₹ 2,999 / Only

    Plus Government Fees, Stamp Duty Extra.

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      At FilingMan, we specialise in managing all the necessary paperwork and procedures for your company to ensure a quick and easy process for changing directors. We can help you manage modest restructuring for one or two directors or more complicated scenarios for larger businesses thanks to our years of experience in this industry. You may easily change your organisational structure because of the high-quality service that our devoted team is committed to providing. You may rely on us to handle your change of directors efficiently and quickly.

      Changes in Designated Partner FAQ'S

      Why would I need to make changes to the directors of my Private Limited Company?
      Changes in directors may occur due to resignations, appointments, or restructuring within the company. It's important to keep your company's directorship details up-to-date for legal compliance and effective management.
      What documents are typically required for making changes to directors in a Private Limited Company?
      Generally, you would need to submit a Board Resolution accepting the change, director's resignation letter or appointment acceptance, and updated director details. Additional documentation may be necessary depending on the specific change and legal requirements.
      How long does the process of changing directors usually take with your service?
      The timeline can vary based on regulatory processing times and the complexity of the change. Our service aims for efficiency, ensuring that the process is expedited while adhering to legal procedures.
      Will changing directors affect my company's compliance obligations or legal status?
      Yes, changing directors can impact your company's compliance requirements, as directors play a crucial role in governance. Our service ensures that all changes are conducted according to regulations, helping your company remain compliant and legally sound.
      Can your service assist with adding or removing multiple directors simultaneously?
      Absolutely, our expertise covers various scenarios, including adding or removing multiple directors in your Private Limited Company. We handle diverse requirements, ensuring accurate documentation, regulatory filings, and a smooth transition for your company's directorship changes.