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    In order to verify the identity of the certificate holder, certifying authorities (CAs) will issue digital signature certificates (DSCs), which are safe cryptographic keys. In order to securely authenticate the signature and confirm the accuracy of the signed copy, DSCs are generally used for digitally signing documents.

    The Government of India requires the submission of certain forms with a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). For the purpose of producing a secure digital signature, public-key encryption is used. DSCs are used to increase security using encryption technology in electronic documents, emails, and other information that are transmitted digitally.

    It is simple to organise and incorporate a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in India. There is no maximum number of partners; only a minimum of two are needed to register an LLP.

    Eight Certification Agencies, including eMudhra, have been given permission by the Office of the Controller of Certification Agencies (CCA) to issue DSCs to people. In India, the Certifying Authority for the issuance of Digital Signature Certificates is known as eMudhra.

    For easy online application services, contact Filingman to get an eMudhra Class 3 Digital Signature certificate valid for two years in India. You don't need to send documents via courier or physically deliver them when you use Filingman. A secure FIPS-compliant ePass USB token that is included with the Digital Signature ensures that it is protected for the duration of its validity.

    Essential Documents

    Aadhaar card copy, or voter identification card copy

    PAN card copy

    A Passport Size Photo

    DSC Certificate Types


    Documents in PDF and other file formats can be digitally signed using sign certificates. Various documents, including income tax returns, GST reports, MCA filings, and other online services, can bear this Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). It protects the signed document's integrity and serves to confirm the user's identity.


    Data, files, and documents containing sensitive or confidential information are secured and encrypted using the encrypt certificate. For businesses and enterprises, it provides improved security when uploading data to web portals. This certificate can be used by individuals to securely encrypt and transmit personal data. The encrypt DSC is widely used for e-commerce papers, e-tender submissions, judicial documents, and other confidential materials. As a stand-alone digital signing instrument, the Capricorn Class 3 Encrypt certificate is available for purchase.

    Sign & Encrypt

    The digital signature certificate with the dual functionality of signing and encrypting documents is called Sign & Encrypt. It is frequently used to submit government applications, papers, and forms while also supplying authentication and guaranteeing the privacy of sent information. Users who require both digital signature and encryption capabilities should use this certificate.

    DSC Class Types

    The particular type of DSC that should be applied for depends on the applicant's characteristics and the goal of the digital signature certificate. Three different types of digital signature certificates are produced by certifying authority to meet various demands and specifications.

    Class 1 Certificates

    Individual/private subscribers are the recipients of Class 1 Certificates. They check that the user's name and email address match those in the database of the certifying authority.

    Class 2 Certificates

    Directors/signatory authorities of corporations are given Class 2 Certificates in order to electronically file documents with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). When submitting returns with the ROC, those who must manually sign documents must use them. The Controller of Certifying Authority has, however, stopped issuing Class 2 Certificates as of January 1, 2021, and is currently only issuing Class 3 Certificates.

    Class 3 Certificates

    Throughout India, Class 3 Certificates are created especially for online participation and bidding in e-auctions and online tenders. Vendors must have a Class 3 digital signature certificate in order to take part in online tenders.

    Digital Signature Certificate Costs

    Digital Signature Certificate

    ₹ 899 / Only

    Including Token Price, Courier Charges Extra.

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      Digital Signature Certificate Benefits


      This certificate is essential for confirming users' personal information during online transactions, ensuring safe and dependable authentication.

      Time and money savings

      By digitally signing PDF files, the requirement for physical signatures and scanning is removed, enabling more quickly and affordably processing of documents. Holders of digital signature certificates can easily perform and authorise commercial transactions without having to be present physically.

      Data integrity

      Since signed documents cannot be changed or tampered with after they are signed, digital signatures guarantee the integrity of data. This offers sensitive data a higher level of security. To verify and legitimise corporate transactions, government bodies frequently need digital signature certifications.

      Document authenticity

      Digital signatures offer a high level of certainty and confidence regarding the signer's legitimacy. Receivers don't need to worry about possible forgery because they can rely on the veracity of digitally signed papers and act accordingly.

      Why Choose FilingMan

      For Digital Signature Certificate?

      FilingMan stands as a trusted partner in obtaining Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) for your online transactions and communications. Our service offers a streamlined and expert-guided process, ensuring that you acquire a reliable digital identity with ease. With FilingMan, you can navigate the complex landscape of digital signatures confidently, knowing that our experienced professionals are dedicated to securing your online interactions and enhancing the authenticity of your digital communications.

      What sets FilingMan apart is our commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. Our experts handle the entire DSC procurement process, from application to issuance, adhering to the latest regulations and industry standards. By choosing FilingMan, you not only save time and effort but also establish a robust digital identity that fosters trust and credibility. With a FilingMan-acquired Digital Signature Certificate, you can confidently engage in secure online transactions and communications, paving the way for enhanced digital interactions while ensuring the highest level of data integrity and protection.

      Digital Signature Certificate FAQ'S

      What is a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and why do I need it?
      A Digital Signature Certificate is a secure electronic key that authenticates your identity and allows you to sign documents and transactions online securely. It is essential for ensuring the integrity and authenticity of your digital communications and transactions.
      How can FilingMan assist with obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate?
      FilingMan's experts guide you through the process of applying for and obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate. We ensure that your application is accurate and compliant, making the entire process smooth and hassle-free.
      What documents are typically required for obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate?
      Generally, you would need to provide identity and address proof documents, passport-sized photographs, and a signed application form. Additional documentation may be necessary based on specific requirements.
      How long does it take to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate with FilingMan?
      The timeline can vary based on factors like application processing times and the type of DSC you need. FilingMan aims for efficiency, ensuring that the process is expedited while adhering to all necessary legal and technical requirements.
      What are the benefits of using FilingMan's Digital Signature Certificate service?
      By choosing FilingMan, you benefit from our expertise in DSC procurement, ensuring accurate application submissions, timely issuance, and compliance with regulations. Our service empowers you to conduct secure and authenticated online transactions, enhancing the credibility of your digital communications and interactions while safeguarding your sensitive information.