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The EPF Calculator estimates your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) savings and contributions based on your salary and years of service.


    Overview About Service

    Employee Provident Fund is known as EPF. In India, employees are required to contribute to a retirement savings plan that is administered by the Employees' Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. According to this plan, during the employment period, both the employer and the employee make regular contributions to the EPF account.

    The employee's payment is taken out of their pay, and the employer also makes a matching contribution. The employer also contributes an equivalent amount, bringing the total to 12% of the employee's base pay and dearness allowance.

    Employee financial security and retirement benefits are the main goals of the EPF. Employer and employee contributions build up over time in the EPF account and earn interest, which aids in creating a sizeable retirement corpus. The employee may withdraw funds from the EPF at retirement or in certain other situations, such as when paying for a home, urgent medical care, or educational costs.

    The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), a statutory agency under the Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Government of India, is responsible for managing EPF. For the benefit of workers in a variety of sectors and industries, it assures proper EPF account administration and operation.

    What is EPF Calculator?

    When you use the EPF calculator, you may get an estimate of how much money will be in your account when you retire. It enables you to calculate the lump-sum amount, which considers both your individual and employer contributions as well as the interest that has accumulated on the investments.

    You must enter specific information into the EPF calculator, including your current age, basic monthly pay, dearness allowance, amount of EPF contributions you have made, and your desired retirement age, which can be up to 58 years. You can also indicate the amount of your current EPF balance if you are aware of it. The EPF calculator will show you the predicted EPF money you will have when you retire once you have entered the necessary information. This gives you a better understanding of the possible corpus that will be in your EPF account when you retire.

    FilingMan's EPF Calculator offers precise calculations of your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) contributions and accumulations, taking into account your salary, years of service, and applicable interest rates. Our user-friendly tool provides you with a clear understanding of your potential retirement savings and empowers you to make informed financial decisions. Trust FilingMan to simplify the complexities of EPF calculations, helping you plan for a secure and prosperous future.

    FilingMan EPF Calculator: How Do I Use It?

    To utilize the FilingMan EPF Calculator, follow these steps:

    Adjust your current age using the slider provided.

    Input your basic monthly salary and dearness allowance, up to a maximum of Rs 15,000.

    The minimum contribution percentage to your EPF is 12%, but you have the option to increase it by contributing to the Voluntary Provident Fund.

    Specify your intended retirement age, with a maximum limit of 58 years.

    If you know your current EPF balance, include that amount as well.

    Upon completing the above steps, the FilingMan EPF Calculator will display the projected EPF funds that will be available to you at the time of retirement. This will help you estimate the potential corpus in your EPF account when you retire.

    Essential Information about EPF Contributions

    Dual Contributions: Your employer is required to pay equal monthly contributions to your EPF account in addition to having your salary deducted for EPF contributions.

    Linking Aadhaar and Bank Accounts: For smooth EPF transactions, employees must link their Aadhaar number and bank account with their UAN (Universal Account Number).

    Nominations are accepted from anyone for your EPF account, at your discretion. The designated person will get the account balance in the terrible case of the account holder's passing.

    Modifying the Nominee: To change the nominee, send Form 2 to the EPFO or financial department of your business.

    Employee Pension Scheme (EPS): The Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) receives up to 8.33% of your employer's monthly contribution (up to Rs 1,250). If certain requirements are completed, you will be entitled to a monthly pension upon retirement.

    The amount available when choosing to withdraw funds from your EPF account relies on the withdrawal's goal. Valid justifications include being unemployed, retiring, buying land, building a house, renovating a home, paying for a wedding, having educational needs, paying off a mortgage, and having medical needs.

    You are qualified to take 100% of the money in your EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) account if you have worked for ten years straight and are retiring.

    Equation Used to Calculate the EPF Amount?

    Sure, let's use an example to illustrate how to manually calculate EPF:


    Basic Salary + Dearness Allowance (DA) per month: Rs. 20,000

    EPF Contribution rate (employee and employer): 12%

    Retirement Age: 60 years

    Current EPF balance: Rs. 50,000

    Current EPF Interest Rate: 8% per annum


    Monthly Employee's Contribution: 12% of Rs. 20,000 = Rs. 2,400

    Monthly Employer's Contribution: 12% of Rs. 20,000 = Rs. 2,400

    Annual EPF Contribution:

    Employee's contribution: Rs. 2,400 * 12 months = Rs. 28,800

    Employer's contribution: Rs. 2,400 * 12 months = Rs. 28,800

    Total Annual Contribution: Rs. 28,800 + Rs. 28,800 = Rs. 57,600

    Add Current EPF Balance: Rs. 57,600 + Rs. 50,000 = Rs. 1,07,600

    EPF Interest Calculation (Assuming interest compounded annually):

    Interest for the first year: 8% of Rs. 1,07,600 = Rs. 8,608

    New EPF Balance after one year: Rs. 1,07,600 + Rs. 8,608 = Rs. 1,16,208

    Repeat the interest calculation for subsequent years until the retirement age of 60.

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      Why Choose FilingMan

      For EPF Calculator?

      FilingMan's EPF Calculator is a robust and user-friendly tool designed to empower you with accurate projections of your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) contributions and growth. With a deep understanding of EPF regulations and financial intricacies, FilingMan ensures that you can effortlessly calculate your potential savings based on factors like your salary, years of service, and prevailing interest rates. Our EPF Calculator provides valuable insights into your retirement planning, helping you visualize the impact of your contributions over time and aiding you in making well-informed financial decisions.

      Count on FilingMan to guide you through the complexities of EPF calculations, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized approach to secure your financial future. For personalized assistance and to optimize your EPF strategy, FilingMan's expert team is readily available to address any queries or provide tailored advice on maximizing your EPF savings and ensuring a prosperous retirement journey.

      FilingMan EPF Calculator's Advantages

      You can easily compute the total value of your EPF fund at retirement using the FilingMan EPF Calculator. You can effectively manage your other investments thanks to this insightful information.

      You have the option to enhance your retirement contribution by using the FilingMan EPF Calculator. You can increase the percentage of your contributions to ensure a larger corpus if you discover that the anticipated corpus at retirement is not enough to cover your needs.

      The FilingMan EPF Calculator is simple to use and gives you an instant estimate of your retirement's EPF corpus.

      The FilingMan EPF Calculator makes it simpler to plan your retirement. If you want to retire early, you can change the percentage of contributions. You might have a better sense of your financial prospects for early retirement by looking at the EPF corpus at various retirement periods.

      EPF Calculator FAQ'S

      What is the EPF Calculator offered by FilingMan, and how does it work?
      FilingMan's EPF Calculator is a digital tool designed to estimate your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) contributions and potential savings. It factors in variables such as your salary, years of service, and prevailing interest rates to provide an accurate projection of your EPF balance over time.
      How can I use FilingMan's EPF Calculator to plan my retirement savings?
      Using our EPF Calculator is straightforward. Simply input your relevant information, such as your monthly salary and years of service, and the calculator will generate an estimate of your EPF contributions and accumulated funds. This information empowers you to make informed decisions about your retirement planning.
      Can FilingMan's EPF Calculator account for changes in EPF interest rates or salary adjustments over time?
      Yes, FilingMan's EPF Calculator is designed to accommodate fluctuations in interest rates and salary adjustments. By inputting updated information, you can see how these changes may impact your EPF contributions and eventual savings.
      Is the EPF Calculator's projection a guarantee of my actual EPF balance?
      The EPF Calculator provides an estimate based on the information you input, but it's important to note that actual EPF balances can be influenced by various factors, including market conditions and regulatory changes. However, the calculator gives you a valuable snapshot to aid in your financial planning.
      Can FilingMan provide personalized advice based on the EPF Calculator's results?
      Absolutely, FilingMan's expert team is available to offer personalized advice and guidance based on the EPF Calculator's results. We can help you interpret the projections, understand their implications, and provide recommendations to optimize your retirement savings strategy.
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