Start-up India Registration

Start-up India Registration involves enrolling innovative ventures to avail benefits and support under the government's start-up initiative.

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    Start-up India is a government-led project in India that aims to create a strong ecosystem to encourage and promote businesses and innovation. Its goal is to promote substantial employment opportunities and sustainable economic growth. The government aims to promote an entrepreneurial culture and advance the country by giving businesses the tools they need to succeed through innovation and design.

    Entrepreneurs can register their new businesses in India using the streamlined Online Start-up India Registration procedure as part of the government's Start-up India initiative. The programme offers a variety of advantages and supports companies in an effort to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurs can quickly register their enterprises online and take advantage of the government's resources to support their growth and success. It offers start-ups a practical and effective way to take advantage of the advantages and opportunities made available by the government.

    The Indian government launched the Start-up India programme in 2016 with the intention of encouraging the creation of new businesses in the nation. This programme entails a number of steps taken to build a strong start-up ecosystem and make India a country that encourages entrepreneurship and job creation. With the help of this programme, the government has made tremendous progress towards creating an environment that is favourable for start-ups, allowing them to flourish and support India's economic development.

    FilingMan is your dedicated partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of Start-up India Registration, facilitating the journey for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovative ventures. With an in-depth understanding of the government's Start-up India initiative, FilingMan simplifies the registration process, ensuring that your start-up gains access to various benefits and incentives offered by the program. Our experienced professionals guide you through the documentation and application process, ensuring compliance with the eligibility criteria and enabling your start-up to tap into the supportive ecosystem provided by the initiative.

    Documents Required

    To be eligible, the start-up needs to fulfil the following criteria:

    Duration of Entity Existence:

    The company should have been in existence and operating for a maximum of 10 years from its date of formation.

    Kind of Entity:

    Companies that are registered as Private Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), or Registered Partnership Firms are eligible to receive the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition.

    Turnover Each Year:

    The business must have generated an annual turnover of at least Rs. 100 crores in any fiscal year since its founding to be eligible for the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition.

    Primary Entity:

    The business must be an original establishment and not have been created by splitting apart or reorganising an existing entity in order to qualify for the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition.

    Scalable & Innovative Entity:

    The entity must show that it is committed to innovation and scalability by concentrating on the development or improvement of a product, method, or service in order to be eligible for the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition.

    Process of Registration

    The steps below should be followed in order to register with Start-up India and get the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition for Startups:

    1. Visit the portal for Start-up India Recognition: Navigate to the registration part by visiting the Start-up India Recognition webpage.
    2. Indicate the entity details: Give important details about your entity's nature, as well as its sector, industry, and category designations, incorporation number, and registration date.
    3. Enter the entity's address here: Enter your organization's full address, including its location and contact information.
    4. Details of the Authorised person to Be Provided: Provide information regarding the authorised person who will be in charge of liaising with Start-up India.
    5. Provide the necessary information about the directors or partners connected to the entity in the "Directors or Partner Details" field.
    6. Include information about any intellectual property rights that the entity may be in possession of, including any patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.
    7. Include Funding Details: Indicate the amount, source, and date of any funding that the entity may have received.
    8. Mention Any Recognition the Entity Has Received: If appropriate, describe any Prior Recognition or Awards the Entity Has Received.

    Before submitting the Start-up Recognition application, make sure all the information is correct and comprehensive.

    Documents Required

    Follow these instructions and supply the essential information to acquire the Certificate of Registration:

    1. Upload the Company/LLP's Incorporation Certificate: To verify the existence of your company, upload the certificate of incorporation or registration certificate (in the case of a partnership).
    2. Email and other contact details: For efficient communication, include your business's phone number, email address, and other contact details.
    3. Provide information about your firm, including the sector in which it operates, the type of business it engages in, the address of its registered office, and any other pertinent details.
    4. Evidence of Concept: If appropriate, give examples of your concepts' early acceptance and validation. A pitch deck, video, or website link can be used as examples.
    5. Information on the company's directors or partners should be entered, including names, genders, photo IDs, phone numbers, email addresses, and residence addresses.
    6. Information on the authorised representatives, including their names, phone numbers, positions held, and email addresses, should be provided.
    7. Revenue Model and Product Differentiation: Describe the revenue model for your business and how your product or service differs from those of the competition.
    8. Information about the company's PAN (Permanent Account Number) should be included.

    Start-up India Registration Costs

    Start-up India Registration

    ₹ 4,999 / Only

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      Benefits of Start-up India Registration

      Tax Benefits

      A three-year tax break is available to start-ups registered under the Start-up India programme. According to sections 80IAC and 56 of the Income Tax Act, they are qualified for the Angel Tax Relief.

      Opportunity for Government Funding

      10,000 crore rupees have been set aside by the government in SIDBI-managed Alternate Investment Funds for investments in companies. Start-ups may submit applications for funding through this programme.

      Engaging in Networks

      Start-ups have the benefit of assisting companies in growing their networks and forming important connections. In order to receive mentoring and direction, these cutting-edge businesses actively seek alliances with larger enterprises. For fledgling firms, the chance to interact with investors and industrial sectors is quite beneficial.

      Closing Up Easily

      The procedure of closing a firm has been streamlined, made simpler, and takes only 90 days under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of 2016.

      Take Part in A Variety of Government Projects

      The government continually rolls out new programmes to encourage start-up involvement, including assistance with bank credit facilitation, raw material support, and facilitation of sustainable finance strategies.

      Rebate for Trademark Filling

      For participating start-ups, the government guarantees a 50% reduction on trademark filing expenses under this programme.

      Why Choose FilingMan

      For Start-up India Registration?

      FilingMan offers continuous support to nurture the growth of your start-up. From compliance management and legal advisories to strategic insights for scaling your business, our experts ensure that you make the most of the opportunities available through the Start-up India program. By choosing FilingMan, you partner with a team dedicated to accelerating your start-up's journey, providing the resources and expertise needed to thrive in the competitive start-up ecosystem.

      Choosing FilingMan for Start-up India Registration offers a strategic advantage as we possess a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in the process. Our experienced professionals guide you through the application, ensuring accurate documentation and adherence to eligibility criteria, while also leveraging their expertise to unlock the full range of benefits and incentives offered by the Start-up India initiative. By partnering with FilingMan, you gain a trusted ally dedicated to streamlining the registration process and helping your start-up harness the supportive ecosystem to thrive and innovate.

      Start-up India Registration FAQ'S

      What is Start-up India Registration, and how can FilingMan assist in the process?
      Start-up India Registration involves enrolling your innovative venture to avail benefits and support offered by the government's initiative. FilingMan's experts guide you through the registration process, ensuring accurate documentation and compliance with eligibility criteria, thereby enabling your start-up to access incentives and opportunities under the program.
      What are the benefits of registering under the Start-up India initiative?
      Registering under Start-up India opens doors to various benefits, including tax exemptions, funding opportunities, access to incubators, and easier patent filing. FilingMan's assistance ensures that you fully leverage these advantages, maximizing the growth potential of your start-up.
      How does FilingMan ensure a smooth and efficient Start-up India Registration?
      FilingMan's experienced professionals navigate the complexities of the registration process, from documentation to application submission. Their expertise ensures accurate and complete submissions, minimizing delays or rejections and ensuring that your start-up gains quick access to the program's benefits.
      Can FilingMan's assistance extend beyond registration?
      Yes, FilingMan's support extends beyond registration. Our experts provide ongoing compliance management, legal advisories, and strategic guidance to help your start-up thrive. We ensure you remain informed about the latest developments and opportunities within the start-up ecosystem.
      How can I access FilingMan's Start-up India Registration services?
      FilingMan offers convenient access to its Start-up India Registration services through its website. You can connect with our experts, receive guidance on eligibility, documentation, and the application process, and embark on your start-up journey with confidence.