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Through our convenient service, you may quickly register your organisation with Darpan, the official gateway for NGOs and NPOs in India.

    About Our Service

    The National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) in India launched the online portal NGO DARPAN (Non-Governmental Organisations' (NGOs) Darpan). It functions as an extensive database of NGOs present in the nation. The goal of NGO DARPAN is to provide a centralised and trustworthy database of data regarding officially recognised NGOs, their areas of operation, and their financials.

    NGOs can freely sign up on the platform to promote their initiatives, gain access to government programmes and grants, and increase their visibility. The platform also makes it possible for the government and other stakeholders to work together on various social and developmental initiatives and effectively connect with NGOs.

    Procedure for NGO Darpan Registration

    The NGO DARPAN registration process is open to volunteer organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that are registered as trusts, societies, or non-profit private limited companies. The list of documents needed for online NGO DARPAN registration is briefly summarised below.

    Registration Certificate: A duplicate in PDF or JPG format of the registration certificate.

    NGO PAN Card: The NGO's PAN Card.

    PAN and Aadhaar Card: Copies of three executive committee members' PAN and Aadhaar Cards.

    Name of NGO/VO: The NGO's or Volunteer Organization's full name.

    NGO Address: The full postal code, street, city, and state addresses for the NGO.

    Registration Authority and Registration Number: The organization's registration authority and the related registration number.

    Date of Registration: The day the NGO was formally registered, or date of registration.

    3 Members: The three members of the executive committee with their names, contact information, and roles they play within the organisation.

    Information about Government Funding and the Principal Work Area: Indicate the primary area of interest or activity carried out by the NGO and include details about any government funding received.

    Darpan Registration Costs

    Darpan Registraion

    ₹ 1,999 / Only

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      Benefits of Darpan Registration

      Increased Visibility

      NGO Darpan gives NGOs a centralised platform to highlight their efforts, goals, and impacts. It enables NGOs to set up a profile, offer comprehensive details about their initiatives and operations, and share success stories. This facilitates NGOs' visibility among donors, other stakeholders, including government organisations.

      Access to Government Programmes and Grants

      Organisations that have registered with NGO Darpan are qualified to apply for a number of government programmes, grants, and funding possibilities. The website makes it simpler for registered NGOs to keep current and apply for pertinent opportunities by facilitating the transmission of information about government activities and funding programmes.

      Collaboration and Networking:

      Through NGO Darpan, NGOs can network and cooperate with other registered organisations, governmental bodies, and stakeholders in the civil society. Sharing information, best practises, and resources on it creates a forum for collaboration and networking.

      Accountability and Transparency

      Registering with an NGO Darpan encourages accountability and openness in the NGO sector. NGOs must disclose information about their finances, initiatives, and governance models in order to ensure better openness for donors, governmental organisations, and the general public.

      Monitoring and Evaluation

      The platform makes it easier to keep track of and assess the effects of NGO activity. NGOs can routinely update stakeholders on their progress and results, enabling them to evaluate the success of their projects and make wise decisions.

      Recognition and Credibility

      An NGO's credibility is increased through NGO Darpan registration. It strengthens the organization's reputation among potential funders, partners, and beneficiaries by demonstrating its dedication to transparency and good governance practises.

      Why Choose FilingMan

      For Darpan Registration?

      FilingMan offers a reliable and efficient solution for Darpan Registration, streamlining the process of registering your Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) or Non-Profit Organization (NPO) on the official Darpan portal in India. Our experienced professionals understand the intricacies of the registration process and the importance of accurate documentation. By choosing FilingMan, you ensure that your organization's details are accurately entered into the Darpan portal, allowing you to gain visibility, access government schemes, and showcase your social impact effectively.

      What sets FilingMan apart is our commitment to accuracy and compliance. Our experts navigate the requirements of Darpan registration with precision, ensuring that your organization's information is submitted correctly. With FilingMan's service, you can confidently register your NGO/NPO on the Darpan portal, knowing that you have a dedicated partner supporting you through every step of the process, enabling you to focus on your organization's mission while we handle the administrative aspects of registration.

      Darpan Registration FAQ'S

      What is Darpan Registration, and why is it important for my NGO/NPO?
      Darpan Registration is the process of registering your Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) or Non-Profit Organization (NPO) on the official Darpan portal in India. It's crucial as it provides visibility, access to government schemes, and a platform to showcase your organization's social initiatives.
      How can FilingMan assist with Darpan Registration?
      FilingMan's experts guide you through the Darpan Registration process, ensuring accurate entry of your organization's details, documentation submission, and compliance with Darpan's requirements.
      What documents are typically required for Darpan Registration?
      Generally, you would need documents like your organization's registration certificate, PAN card, bank account details, and a list of office bearers. Additional documentation may be necessary based on specific requirements.
      How long does the Darpan Registration process usually take with FilingMan?
      The timeline can vary based on factors like documentation completeness and regulatory processing times. FilingMan prioritizes efficiency, aiming to expedite the process while ensuring accuracy.
      What are the advantages of using FilingMan's Darpan Registration service?
      By choosing FilingMan, you benefit from expert guidance, accurate documentation, and a streamlined process. Our service ensures that your NGO/NPO gains recognition on the Darpan portal, facilitating greater outreach, enhanced credibility, and improved access to opportunities for social impact.