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FilingMan provides direct consultation with qualified Chartered Accountants for expert financial and tax advice.

    About Our Service

    The chartered accountants on the FilingMan team have a range of specialties. You can get answers to any questions you have regarding Income Tax, GST, and other topics by speaking with a chartered accountant. These topics include notices, assessments, appeals, capital gains, tax refunds, tax audits, accounting, audit property taxes, and more.

    "Talk to CA" by FilingMan is your direct link to professional guidance and expert insights from qualified Chartered Accountants. We understand that navigating the intricate landscape of financial and tax matters can be daunting, which is why we offer this invaluable service to connect you directly with experienced professionals who can provide personalized solutions. Whether you're an individual seeking advice on tax planning, a business owner grappling with compliance, or someone looking to optimize financial strategies, "Talk to CA" equips you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions.

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    Areas of Expertise


    Our staff of chartered accountants is available to assist you with the creation of financial statements and the administration of accounts payable. We can help you in a wide range of accounting and financial management sectors because we have vast experience and understanding. Our services cover anything from simple bookkeeping to complex financial analytics, including:

    • Producing accurate and timely financial accounts
    • Evaluating performance
    • Meeting reporting obligations
    • Preparing thorough accounting statements.

    Taxation and Auditing

    Our chartered accountants are available to help with all elements of the financial management of your business. We can assist with incorporations, tax preparation, startup advice, and auditing. Our expertise includes tax return preparation, client representation before taxing authorities, and general tax guidance.

    We also offer the following other services:

    • Audits
    • Independent evaluations of your financial accounts
    • Verification of the quality and fairness of financial records
    • Identification of potential hazards and provision of solutions

    Tax Advice

    Our team of qualified chartered accountants at FilingMan provides thorough tax advising services to help individuals and businesses navigate the intricate world of taxation. We keep abreast of the most recent changes to tax rules and regulations so we can give you quick, accurate advice that is catered to your specific need.

    Our specialists can assist you with:

    • Creating a structure for tax planning that is more effective and outlining the possible deductions.
    • Examining your financial condition and determining any dangers.
    • Advising tailored tax planning to maximize benefits.
    • Ensuring that you remain in compliance with tax regulations and make educated decisions

    GST and Other Matters

    Our group of chartered accountants is well-versed in GST compliance, audits, and pertinent laws and norms. They are also knowledgeable with customer management and compliance issues. For companies and entrepreneurs looking for a chartered accountant, FilingMan offers a complete range of services. We have been especially important in ensuring startups fully comply with India's legal standards.

    Income Tax Returns

    Our committed group of Chartered Accountants is committed to providing knowledgeable assistance for submitting Income Tax Returns (ITR). We have a thorough understanding of the intricate tax laws and strive to make the procedure simpler for both individuals and companies. Our Chartered Accountants also help with:

    • Examining your financial records to make sure ITRs are filed accurately and on time.
    • Aiding with the preparation of income tax returns and adequate tax planning.
    • Providing individualized advice based on their knowledge of tax legislation.
    • Making sure you take advantage of possible tax savings and stay away from danger zones.

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      FilingMan CA Benefits

      Expert Guidance

      Access direct consultation with qualified Chartered Accountants, tapping into their extensive knowledge and expertise in financial and tax matters.

      Personalized Solutions

      Receive tailored advice and solutions specific to your individual or business needs, ensuring that your financial decisions are well-informed and aligned with your goals.

      Clarity on Taxation

      Gain insights into intricate tax regulations, deductions, exemptions, and optimal tax planning strategies to maximize savings and compliance.

      Business Optimization

      Get assistance with business financial management, compliance, and operational strategies, helping you enhance efficiency and profitability.

      Investment Strategies

      Receive guidance on investment options, risk assessment, portfolio diversification, and long-term wealth creation.

      Financial Planning

      Obtain assistance in creating comprehensive financial plans, setting achievable goals, and navigating various stages of your financial journey.

      Prompt Responses

      Get timely answers to your queries, enabling you to make time-sensitive decisions with confidence.

      Reduced Risk

      Minimize the risk of financial mistakes, penalties, and non-compliance by seeking professional advice before making crucial financial decisions.

      Regulatory Updates

      Stay informed about the latest changes in tax laws, financial regulations, and compliance requirements that may impact your financial strategies.

      Peace of Mind

      Gain peace of mind knowing that you have reliable experts to turn to for accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy financial advice.


      Where can I locate a chartered accountant?
      A certified accountant can address a diverse array of inquiries concerning business startup, legal compliance, tax payments, GST, tax advantages, tax planning, various business structures, income tax matters, fundraising, managing an online business, and more. Feel free to ask us anything, and we'll be glad to assist you with all your queries!
      How much does a conversation with a chartered accountant cost?
      Our best chartered accountants can help you financially starting at just $299.
      How qualified are chartered accountants?
      Chartered accountants are experts in finance and compliance, and each one possesses a unique set of skills.
      Is a consultation with a CA online private?
      Online CA consultations are totally private and secure, yes. Your information will always be kept private and never be disclosed, not even to members of our staff, thanks to FilingMan.
      What is the significance of auditing, and when is it required?
      Auditing is a critical process to examine and verify a company's financial records and statements. It provides assurance to stakeholders about the accuracy and reliability of financial information. Audits are often required for legal compliance, bank loans, and other financial reporting purposes.